FoxBus is a communication protocol, Microfox® copyright, conceived to connect different devices through a three conductors simple cable. The bus is Master/Slave type and can support up to 128 devices. The interesting feature is that can be implemented also on microcontrollers with restricted resources. The most of Microfox® systems make use of FoxBus in order to simplify connections between different devices, such as radio, CD player, Chromotherapy light, sensors, etc.

Click on the following buttons to see some of our systems connected through FoxBus.

Do you want to know and use FoxBus on your devices?

To appreciate the system and be part of our team, ask for a registration form to our technical manager sending an e-mail to the following address: Following your request, you will receive a form to fill in with your data and return. Once you have been registered, we will send the protocol technical specifications to your address and you will be included in our mailing list. In this way, you will be informed of any protocol update at the right time.

The protocol is given for free: only the development system is sold for a nominal sum.