News number: 34 , inserted on 28/09/2016

iMove - The new Microfox user interface

No switch, no slider, no touch screen. Here's our technological proposal that allows you to issue commands with simple hand movements!

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News number: 33 , inserted on 04/06/2015

Speed control unit for electric motors

Energy saving and the possibility of an easy retrofitting on existing systems make our new speed control units (VAR) very favorable for users.
The devices can change with good efficiency the speed of fans and pumps, without replacing single or two phase motors currently used.
Two models with 2A@230Vac (VAR886) and 10A@230VAC (VAR260) are now available, and both of them can be customized and activated by most popular analogue signals and/or digital protocols.

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News number: 32 , inserted on 26/09/2014

Home Automation: MULTI-FUEL Boiler

Realized a new system that can manage biomass boilers that use different fuels, such as: pellets, timber, seeds, etc.
Its modularity allows the activation of certain specific functions ranging from simple room heating, to heating with hot water control as well as the storage of water in the boiler tank.
Through a proper serial line it is possible to manage several boilers in cascade, when the heating of medium or large volumes cannot be made with one boiler only.
Another special feature is the possibility of checking correct operation flow remotely via LAN or GSM/GPRS.

News number: 31 , inserted on 15/11/2013

Automotive: Devices for Service and Assistance

This new system controls those devices handling the full service for washing and replacement of the lubricating oil used in automatic gearbox of vehicles, avoiding full drainage of the oil in the gearbox; the process flows independently from oil temperature and volume.
It is also possible to run toppings, full drainage and loading of additive.

News number: 30 , inserted on 25/07/2012

Home Automation: Thermostat

This new device measures the temperature (C) and relative humidity (RH %) of the room, and allows you to select the setpoint required temperature with a control knob.
The temperature values of the setpoint and room temperature are displayed by the lighting of single LEDs.
The device communicates via 10/100 Ethernet LAN and must be connected to a HUB POE for power supply; a DHCP server on the network provides the device with a IP address.
It is a technologically sophisticated device, connected - via ETHERNET interface / POE - to a remote control that manages heating/cooling machines.


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