SUONO is an HI FI audio system based on an amplifier developed by Microfox® to have a high quality domestic listening of music coming from most common portable sources (Smartphones, Tablets, MP3/CD Players) and innovative electronic transductors emitting sound through vibrations of a panel covering and hiding the system.
Small dimensions of the system allows to install it in tiny spaces, where thickness cannot exceed 25-30 mm. Wood, glass, metal, mirror, rocky materials can be used for the panel.

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40+40W RMS power output drives properly both new innovative transductors and most common conventional speakers.
It's really a new experience to make "sound" surfaces and panels of wood, metal, glass or any other material.

Main features:
- 12Vac/dc power supply
- digital mono or stereo amplifier 40+40W RMS 4 Ohm
- stereo Pre-amplifier with tone and volume setting
- connection for 2 or 4 keys keyboard
- FoxBus protocol drive allowed

SUONO, play a different music !

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