Speed control units for electronic asynchronous single-phase and two phase motors

Microfox® is proud to introduce a new line of electronic speed control units for asynchronous single-phase and two phase motors, based on a new technology, which allow performances close to those ones achievable with an inverter but considerably lower in price.

Product range has been developed to drive asynchronous single-phase and two phase motors with power absorption from less than 2 Ampere to 10 Ampere continuous.

Range includes devices for up to 2 Ampere (VAR886) and up to 10 Ampere motors (VAR260).

The advantages reached from this kind of technology are the following:

Retrofitting: no need to replace the original single or two phase motor as necessary with INVERTER.

No motor electro-mechanical noise at any running speed, considerably detected with TRIAC speed control unit.

No motor overheating (the device neither adds nor absorbs heat).

Wide range of motor speed regulation (with TRIAC speed control units minimum speed cannot be lower than 45% ):
- 8% - 100% on fans.
- 20% - 100% on pumps.

Better motor efficiency at low speed rotation.

Low power absorption which makes costs lower than on/off control.

Linear, direct and proportional speed regulation.

Lower costs than using F/V or FOC regulation (INVERTER).

Regulation can be either simple or depending on different parameters, such as signals coming from temperature, pressure or humidity sensors.

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For any further information about our speed control units, please contact us at sales@microfox-it.com.